Terms and Conditions

Sustainable Award 2023


The Sustainable Agile Award, presented by Plan A ApS (Plan A hereinafter), aims to celebrate and accelerate the valuable and beneficial contributions and advances made around sustainable and agile projects and product development. In doing so, Plan A supports the vital, necessary shift toward substantive, dynamic sustainability capable of adapting and responding to the moment during this volatile period in our shared history. When over 30% of western economies are related to projects as reported by IPMA, then the uplifting and leveraging of innovation and agility as embedded components of sustainable projects and product development can significantly influence and direct enormous financial investments to benefit our climate, population, and shared future.

Join us in our inaugural presentation of the Sustainable Award, to take time to appreciate, celebrate, and accelerate vital projects and products, partnerships, organizations, and individuals leading the way in transforming wholly and holistically the design and processes of projects and products in ways that prioritise and leverage sustainability and adaptability for the benefit of people, planet, partnerships, and peace.


Who can participate
1. Organisations located and/or based in Denmark
2. Sustainable projects and product developments based in Denmark
3. Employees based in Denmark
4. Sustainable Projects and/or Product development initiatives across all industries both within the public and private sector.


Entry Agreements
1. Check the ”Who can participate” to be sure an entry is eligible for submission prior to initiating the entry process.
2. Click here to download a digital copy of the complete entry form, including the Terms and Conditions, to prepare for submission.
3. Submit all entries through the online form.
4. Entry is free.
5. All entries must be completed and submitted by [23:59 CEST] on 31st October, 2023 to be considered for the award.
6. Submissions are limited in length by the word count in the entry form, as well as the 10MB per file allowance for the 1) required supporting documentation and 2) high-resolution image of the project.
7. Entries must be submitted in either Danish or English for award consideration.
8. Collaborative entries must include and specify all major contributors within the entry.
9. All entries must be submitted with prior consent from the project owner, organisation or individual for award consideration.
10. Any evidence provided to support claims or results must be referenced appropriately. Failure to cite relevant data sources may result in disqualification of the entry.
11. Per the entry form, impact realisation carries 40% of the score weight and is dependent on evidence submitted under the supporting documents. Supporting evidence includes industry surveys, environmental reports and studies, testimonials, photographs, independent references and published articles.


General Terms and Conditions
1. The award winner will be announced at a Danish side event in Soho House Copenhagen in November 2023. The precise date will be announced in October 2023.
2. An entry may be withdrawn at discretion without limitation where it might: 
offend national sentiments, religious or cultural sentiments or public taste
not meet the required eligibility criteria and/or entry agreements
include work that was banned or withdrawn from publication
be missing the required elements, evidence, references, or information.
3. Should a participant choose to withdraw an entry, notification must be provided in writing to the email address listed on the awards website on 31st of October 2023 at the latest.
4. Plan A owns all intellectual property rights, including copyright, design rights and trademark rights, to all trophies, decorative objects, and souvenirs of achievement relating to the Sustainable Award.
5. Our decisions in all matters relating to the awards will be final and binding
6. All entrants maintain the copyright and intellectual property right for the content of their submissions.
7. Sustainable Awards may wish to curate and reproduce relevant content for promotional purposes, including but not limited to the production of promotional materials such as winners’ case-studies and/or press releases. If an entrant does not wish to give automatic permission for the reproduction of submission materials for the above purposes, this must be noted at the time of submission within the body of the supporting documentation.
8. Financial information is respected as confidential and will not be published or shared.


Awards Consideration Terms and Conditions
1. Awards are judged on the following criteria, as indicated on the entry form: project management execution, strategy and leadership, planning, innovation, and ESG impact. Each category is weighted by a unique score ratio, as indicated on the entry form.
2. The winning entry will achieve the highest overall score, per the results calculated from the weighted scores as judged for each category.
3. The judging process is fully independent, and the judges’ collective decision will be final.
4. The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not adhere to the eligibility requirements and/or entry agreements.
5. Entries will be judged on the information provided in the entry form and supporting documentation as submitted.
6. The details of judging conversations are confidential and will not be disclosed.
7. Judges must declare any conflicts of interest where present, and if applicable remove themselves from the awards consideration process for the conflicting entry.


1. All financial data submitted in an entry is considered confidential and will be respected and treated as such.
2. Additional, non-financial parts of an entry that should be kept confidential must be specifically outlined and stated in the body of the entry’s supporting documentation at the time of entry.
3. By entering the Sustainable Award, companies are authorising the use of the ‘entry description’, and/or ‘high-resolution image of the project’, for the promotional purposes related to awards presentation and external marketing.