Danish Sustainable Agile Award 2022

Apply for the Danish Award “Sustainable Agile 2022”

Welcome. This is where you will be able to apply for the Danish Award “Sustainable Agile 2022”.

More and more projects and product developments using e.g. Scrum or SAFe®, are done in a sustainable and agile manner contributing to the state of the Planet, People, Peace, Partnerships and Prosperity. A lot more can be done in this area and there are vast differences from best to average and therefore a great potential in learning from the best.


In order to accelerate the positive contributions from projects and product development Plan A from Copenhagen, Denmark and partners launch the Danish award “Sustainable Agile Award 2022” during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum 22 – 26 May 2022 in Davos.

In Davos, a unique gathering of international business, political leaders, start-ups, investors and academia will come together to address key topics like Sustainability, Climate, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.


From 1st July to 31st of October 2022 you can apply for the award on this page and the winner will be announced at a Danish side event at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 77), which will open in October 2022 in Copenhagen.

We are urging our partners to accelerate the shift towards sustainable product development and projects.

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Projects and product development play a substantial role

Increased sea levels. Sparse energy resources. Nature in global decline… Our planet and population face daunting problems. However, through projects and products we can make a big contribution to the necessary and sustainable transformation.

How? According to IPMA, more than 30% of the western economy is related to projects. In other words, product development and projects can influence the use of enormous sums that can benefit the climate, the population, and the future.

What is successful?

Our starting point is redefining what qualifies as a successful project. It is no longer ‘just’ about planning, executing, and delivering. It is also about the consequences and impact that stem from the project/product processes and the end product. We must take responsibility for more than simply the individual projects/products and start thinking about the value that we bring to the planet, people, partnerships, and peace. Must Sustainable Agile Projects / product developments bring value to all of these areas? That is up to you.


Agility is key

The ability to adjust product development and projects in the face of changes is vital. More and more parameters arise that can change the wanted effect. Before, we only had to consider the financially based business case, but now we also must factor in changes related to our planet, people, partnerships, and peace. That is why the adaptability of agile is vital.

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Sustainable Agile Award 2022

Possible score: 1-5, score weight: 10%
Possible score: 1-5, score weight: 10%
Possible score: 1-5, score weight: 10%
Possible score: 1-5, score weight: 15%
Possible score: 1-5, score weight: 40%
Possible score: 1-5, score weight: 15%