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Digital Twins

Plan A, in cooperation with Eugenie, offer 2 major products (digital twins) for manufacturing companies to achieve higher yields and more sustainable operations.


Our products help different stakeholders (CXOs, plant heads, operations, and maintenance engineers) within the organizations to understand, identify and act on insights that help them to achieve sustainability-driven transformation of their core operations.


We help them to optimize their existing operations with Eugenie’s patented explainable AI framework that uses real-time data from satellite data about emissions and IoT data from machines and processes on the shop floor.


Eugenie discovers unique insights about the potential opportunity for further optimization by combining data about operations and emissions.


Our AI further simulates what-if scenarios to determine and recommend actions to relevant stakeholders that can help them to achieve a better outcome that is in line with their operational and sustainable goals.



Asset Control Digital Twin

Get a holistic view of asset hierarchy with alerts and insights based on real-time machine data. Identify timely operational anomalies to reduce the probability of unexpected machine failures.



Process Control Digital Twin

Get real-time visibility of all processes and emissions-related KPIs through forward-looking alerts. Not only alerts but also recommendations on process parameter settings are generated for timely mitigation of deviations.


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Changing the world project by project

Changing the world project by project